Fetch a single shoutout by ID

We’re happy to announce that you can now fetch a single shoutout by it’s ID from the embed code. That means, when you use your embed code, you can now pass in extra parameter of shoutout; for example:

We want to bring back our shoutouts.lol shoutout on this webpage (have a look in the footer), so all we had to do is find the relevant ID (found on the relevant shoutout page next to the Edit button) and add it as a parameter:

<script src="https://shoutouts.lol/embed/JLkiwy1aNAnmxPv4f7y5.js?shoutout=34" defer></script>

This will check if that ID exists in your shoutouts, and if so, brings back the relevant shoutout. If it can’t find anything, it’ll bring back a random one instead, just to avoid any breakage if you ever decide to delete it.

We’ve also updated the Micro.blog Hugo plugin, you can check out instructions in the repo.

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