New payment provider

Today we’ve changed our payment provider. Don’t worry, if you have subscribed in the past, everything still works as expected.

For everyone else, who don’t have an active subscription, we now use Paddle for handling our payments.

Paddle acts as a reseller for us so that we don’t have to handle all the tax affairs that are required in the European Union (it’s a pain!). That offer us the opportunity to not have to worry about it anymore and concentrate just on building! (Yes, sleepless nights have been caused by this)

In order to make this change, we worked hard on integrating this in a nice way, without much headache and should work just like the old checkout with a slightly different checkout flow, which is served by Paddle, inline as an overlay, and on our site directly.

With this, we will natively support local currencies of where you are based, so hopefully you won’t be stung by bank rates due to foreign currencies:

  • USD
  • EUR
  • AUD
  • NZD
  • PLN (we’ve made this price a little lower)

You’ll see that price, and your final price, including any VAT/Tax, on the Checkout portal before you pay.

Moreover, we tweaked the trial period to 21 days, for free, with no payment method required. That’s a slight decrease from the 28 days. However, on successful subscription with a card, we’ll add another 7 days. Make sure to subscribe at the end of your trial to make use of the full 7 days as we cannot carry any remaining across.

As always, we will send you reminder emails so you are never in the dark about your subscription or renewals.

Thank you to all that have subscribed in the past. It allowed me to make this decision on how I want to handle it.

If you have subscribed in the past, we’ll email you directly on changing across (because we have to make some changes our end to enable this). There is nothing you have to do right now to switch. @shoutouts
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